Discover the cycling monument of Geraardsbergen.

The Muur

Climbing the monument of cycling is an achievement in and of itself. Climb De Muur by bike or on foot and enjoy the beautiful view over Geraardsbergen.

Around 35 km away, easily reachable by train.

Pairi Daiza.

In a landscape park of 55 ha, different continents are spread around the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey. You will wander through gardens laid out by the best craftsmen and discover Australia, Africa, Indonesia and China… More than 5000 animals live there in semi-freedom: giraffes, elephants, kangaroos, lemurs, squirrel monkeys, etc.

What to do in the neighbourhood?

Oudenberg Chapel

A visit to the Oudenberg with its chapel can certainly not be missing from your agenda. The orientation table indicates the altitude, i.e. 110 metres above sea level, and locates the surrounding villages.

See the one and only.

The only real Manneken Pis.

Brussels and Geraardsbergen both have a Manneken Pis, but the one in Geraardsbergen is the oldest. By far even: it is 160 years older than the one in Brussels. In other words, when the Manneken of Brussels hesitantly started to water, ours had already peed all over the Dender. Be sure to visit the Manneken Pis Museum!

What to do in the area?

The Gavers

The provincial recreation park The Gavers is located in the borough of Onkerzele, 5 km from Casa Dodo. Around a 20 ha water pond, you can cycle, walk, take to the water, go mountain biking, lie on the beach and romp around endlessly.

What to do in the area?

The Bosberg

The Bosberg is the second cycling monument in the Geraardsbergen area. You can enjoy the tranquillity of a walk through the woods, or test your calves by bike or mountain bike.

What to do in the neighbourhood?

The Helix

The Helix, Flemish Knowledge and Training Centre for Nature and Environment, stimulates and supports education and training on the environment, nature and sustainable development. The centre develops innovative educational products and methods for various target groups.